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Drywall Repair and Restoration


Installing sheets of drywall is more than just making the walls white. With a plethora of different types of plasterboard available, our team knows which types of board are meant for where. Fire-proofing, sag resistance, rounded walls, fireplaces, and water resistance are key considerations. Joint placement and adhesion are also important to ensure a quality finished product. Let the DO-ITT team ensure you have the right product, installed correctly, the first time.


Taping is the art of the business. We will work with you to customize the drywall finishing to your preferred tastes at a level 4 or 5 finish.


Got a renovation? Blending unsightly patches into existing painted walls and ceiling texture patches are no problem for our seasoned veterans.



Hiding those unsightly plumbing pipes and HVAC systems is no problem with some professionally installed T-bar. Available in various different styles of tiles, we can make any drop ceiling look great!


There are many advantages to framing with steel stud over traditional wood framing. The most obvious is that Steel Stud is perfectly straight so you won't need to worry about any bowed walls, ceilings, or drops. It is strong and inorganic meaning that it won't succumb to various elements in the same way wood will. Our framing crew has years of experience working on complicated projects with plans requiring structural supports and bracing.

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Depending on your municipal bylaws, you may be required to have certain fire ratings and sound dampeners at your site. There are multiple options available and our team has vast experience on the effectiveness of each.

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